The Best Ways To Wrap Your Christmas Presents Revealed!

Would you like to know how to wrap Christmas presents? Even though it sounds like a simple thing to do, wrapping Christmas gifts can be tricky. You can be a pro in wrapping Christmas presents after you have read these guides and you will never be embarrassed again of gifts with inadequate results and crumpled papers.

Before you start, you must have the following:

• Sharp scissors
• A roll of wrapping paper
• Clear plastic tape
• A flat surface like a table

Now here are the steps you need to follow.

First step: Size up your Christmas presents
1. Gaze at all that you want to wrap. If your present is in a rectangular cardboard box already then you are lucky and you can proceed directly to second step.

2. But if your Christmas presents are not in a rectangular box, the best thing to do is find a big box where your presents can fit.

3. Now that your gifts are inside a rectangular box, you can now begin wrapping.
(Some people use cloth or paper present bags for irregular shaped gifts. These bags costs much higher compared to wrapping papers, but these bags are very convenient and much easier than wrapping.)

Second step: Determine the exact amount of gift wrap
1. Look for a clear and open place like the dining room and kitchen table.

2. Spread out a slight bit of wrapping paper hence the finished nice side of the wrapping paper is facing down.

3. Put the Christmas gift on top of the wrapping paper to evaluate how much wrapping paper you will need.

4. Uses the present as a guide then unroll slightly the wrapping paper wider than the size of the box. For an instance, the box measures 10 inches wide, you should unroll almost 20 inches of the cover.

5. Cut the paper from the roll by using a sharp scissor. Perfectly straight cuts are not important.

6. Beside the cut edge, pleat or fold the sheet over on itself to have a clean, nice and straight line edge.

Third step: Folding and taping
1. If you are wrapping several Christmas presents, pre-cutting small pieces of clear tape and putting them on the edge of your work surface makes wrapping a lot easier.

2. Place the object in the centre of the sheet.

3. There are two long ends and 2 shorts ends in the present. Wrap the two long ends around the present then secure it using a clear tape.

4. Lay your fingers all the way through the tip edge of the box (now enclosed by wrapping paper) to crinkle the paper and do a professional, square tip edge.

5. Likewise, push the two short ends round the sides of the gifts and secure it with tape.

6. Left are four flaps of the sheet that should be secured. Fold first those flaps papers in on themselves and secure in on top of the present.

7. Once more, crinkle the edges to have a sharp and attractive finished of corners.

Practice makes perfect, after you done wrapping some presents continuously, wrapping Christmas presents will be fast and very easy for you.

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