Take These 3 Steps to Properly Present Your Gift

You have spent a great deal of time and expense and extraordinary effort in picking the right gift. You’ve done your research, you shelled out the cash and now you need to wrap the gift into a proper presentation to make the whole evening even more memorable.

Women love romance, which is not an earth shattering secret. Your idea of a romantic evening may be entirely different than hers. You should use an equal amount of care and thought into presenting the gift as you did in purchasing it.

Here are a few ideas:

1. First, invite her to your place for a special dinner you will plan and make for her. Women love to be pampered. Your evening of dinner, candles, flowers and all of the amenities will create an ambiance she will never forget. As an added touch, send a formal invitation through the mail, just make the note and penmanship top notch. If you have been married for an extended period of time, she will enjoy it even more.

2. Next, create a poem or sonnet and wrap it with your gift. You do not have to write anything cheesy, but from the heart with sincerity. If you need a jump start, take a look at some of the classics and get inspired. By the way, when you wrap the gift, do it with extreme care and attention to detail. If you absolutely cannot wrap, have it done by a professional at the mall.

3. Finally, envision and plan for the presentation of the gift itself. Try something out of the ordinary at the end of the meal. Something delivered with dessert and coffee or after you have retired to the living room in to sit in front of the fire.

However you plan the perfect presentation, take a deep breath and know that she loves you for who you are and your attempt at romance will be well received and appreciated.

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