Several Tips to Succeed in Your Presentation

A very important thing in giving a presentation is persuasion ability of the material presented. Avoid using unconventional way that is less necessary, so you do not reduce the reliability of the material presented. If your presentation audience consists of the expert, the presentation that is “straight” is more effective. In the other hand, if the way you present is too long-winded, the concentration of the listeners may decrease.

To improve reliability, there is no other way except to improve the quality of the materials presented. For that, before the presentation, you need to select and arrange the material that will be presented.

One way that is often done is to give emphasis on the contents that are considered important. For example, by saying “the most important findings in this research are….”, then followed by an explanation. Another way is by showing the important data for several times, so that listeners pay more attention to the data. With this method, your ideas can be conveyed effectively to the listener.

In addition, you should make sure that the ideas you present are understood by the listener. Therefore, when preparing a slide, at the beginning of slides, explain what items will be discussed. Furthermore, explain each item in detail.

You should also do the same thing in explaining each item/ sub discussion. First, explain briefly what will be discussed, and follow with a detailed explanation of each heading. By creating a structured slide, when you deliver the presentation, the overall idea/ outline will be explained at the beginning of a slide presentation.

If you are not used to making presentation, and suddenly you are required to give presentation at seminar or official forum, you might face a failure because the words stuck in the middle, or the explanation you have given is wrong. If you experience this, no matter how good your material that will be presented, it will make the listener unbelief with your presentation.

To avoid this failure, there is no other way except to practice the presentation several times. Invite your friend as sparring partner. Ask him to listen, and practice as if you are on the actual formal situations. Your friend that you invite as a sparring partner should be a man that is accustomed to making presentation. Thus, he is quite experienced to be able to see your weak sides that need to be corrected. He can also provide input for your presentation.

Perform this exercise over and over again until your friend can not find a weakness. If you are not accustomed to making presentation, at least you have to practice three times. Improve your slide show if there is criticism against the order of slides or the lay out of the presentation that is less complete.

You can record the training presentation, so that you can re-examine the things which need to be corrected. Because this kind of exercise takes several days, then you should start practicing since three weeks before D-day.

One of the benefits of this exercise is to increase the sense of courage and your self confidence. There are no ways to cultivate courage and confidence in addition to getting used to speak and argue in public.

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