Barbie Dolls – A Real Classic Christmas Present

When you think about it, what could be more timeless to give as a present, than a Barbie doll. She is one of the oldest toys around, and she has been manufactured by Mattel for over fifty years. So chances are your mom had a Barbie doll, you had a one, and now you want a Barbie doll for your own daughter. How many toys can boast that?

Rather than focusing on the older, collectible, Barbies, we are instead going to take a look at the new 2009 Holiday Barbie. This new Barbie is a great way to introduce a child, or indeed anyone, to the world of Barbie collectibles. Holiday Barbie will make a super gift for the little lady on your list.

So here are a few facts about Holiday Barbie 2009. She stands at 13″ high, and the beautiful pink glimmering dress flows to an impressive 11″. To go with her pink dress, she has gorgeous pink earrings, lovely makeup and a super hairstyle. The Holiday Barbie really is the belle of the ball. She comes with a stand, so that you can display her (don’t worry the stand is hidden by her dress).

Mattel have also brought out a Barbie Holiday 2009 African-American Doll for those looking for an extra doll that they can add to their collection. Both of these Holiday Barbies stick to the timelessness of Barbie, but have an updated look. Both of these dolls are presented in a pink box which is also suitable for display purposes.

Holiday Barbie is very collectible, and will keep her value as high as possible, if she is kept in her box and not opened at all. If you are buying her as a gift, and you know the child receiving it is not going to be able to resist playing with her, then why not buy two – one for play and one to keep?

Holiday Barbie makes a fantastic gift that will be treasured for years and years to come.

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