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Anniversary Gifts For Her – Successful Present Ideas For Wedding Anniversaries

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Getting married is a special time in most peoples lives and as the years pass and the anniversaries come and go, it is always a good idea to celebrate the event by treating the lady in your life to a special gift. Each year has a traditional anniversary gift and a present based on this can go down well. However there are some timeless gifts which can be given to your wife on any anniversary and she is sure to appreciate these.

Jewelry: Many of the traditional anniversary gifts for a particular year are based around metals and precious stones. For example most people know that the 50th anniversary is signified by gold and the 55th by emerald. This means that a gift of jewelry can be tailored to suit the specific year in many cases and most women enjoy wearing beautiful jewelry and will appreciate such a gift. Even in a year which is not signified by metal, a simple piece of jewelry is a timeless gift and can be worn and enjoyed for many years after and can act as a reminder of a particular anniversary.

Most women have their own style of jewelry that they like and it pays to take notice of this and try and buy a piece that is in a similar style. This shows that you are putting some thought into it rather than buying the first piece you see.

Flowers: These are suitable for any year and women always enjoy receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Traditionally roses are the flower to choose to show your love, although other flowers such as carnations or gardenias can be popular too. If your wife enjoys gardening you can go a little further and rather than giving a bouquet, you can buy her some flowering plants either for indoor pots or for planting in your garden. In this way she can appreciate the flowers whenever they bloom.

Perfume: Perfume is another timeless gift that can be appreciated by your wife on any anniversary. Again it pays to check out some of her favorite perfume makers before you jump in and buy something. If you can find a new scent by her favorite perfume maker then it can make for a good gift. Other than that, classics like Chanel No 5 always tend to go down well and will be a gift that is appreciated.

Personal Gifts: Most women enjoy pampering themselves and a gift that indulges this should make your wife happy. These can include items such as scented soaps and body wash, bath salts and crystals, scented candles and foot baths. There is quite a wide choice out there for this type of present and depending on the type of activity that your wife enjoys, you should be able to find an appropriate gift that she will both appreciate and use.

New Experience: If your wife likes to try new things there are many great ways of arranging an anniversary gift to accommodate this. An experience such as hot air ballooning may be something she will enjoy for the day. Alternatively a trip to a winery to see how wine is made and bottled and sample a few of the local bottles can be enjoyable. There are many ways to arrange a great day out for your anniversary and a surprise trip or experience for your wife should be appreciated.

Selecting an anniversary gift for your wife is a personal thing depending on what her interests are and her style. However if you give it a little thought it should not be too difficult to come up with a suitable present. Whether it matches the traditional gift for a particular year is not so important as long as you make the effort to show that you care and that the anniversary is important to you. Some of the gifts mentioned above will make a good present for your wife on any anniversary.

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Matchless Furniture Variety Presented by Abbyson Furniture

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And the furniture items are no exception to this rule. The present man of our times is no more interested in buying the heavy furniture items that would just cover up the whole room and would make the place messy as well as congested. Rather the present man is pretty much interested in the stylish furniture that would fulfill all of his needs in a desired way and would he would not have to pay him higher either. Keeping the changing needs of the customers in mind, it has become quite necessary for the furniture companies to come with the designs that would look stylish as well as that would create convenience for the customers in a desire way. Among all the furniture companies that are trying to meet the needs of the customers, one big name is Abbyson furniture.

Abbyson furniture is striving its best to fulfill the furniture needs of the customers in a way that the customers would not have any objection or complaints to file. This furniture is not only focusing upon bringing the style of furniture that would go with the modern needs, trendy fashion but it is also trying to introduce the furniture that is customers friendly.

The prices that are offered by the Abbyson are just matchless and the quality and designs that are being offered by the Abbyson furniture are just amazing. No matter what kind of furniture items you need, the only thing that you need to do is to visit the Abbyson furniture outlet or its website and just see what it has to offer you. Keeping in mind the fact that the present man of our times is compelled to reside in the small houses, which do not allow him to opt for the bigger furniture items, and needs the furniture that comes with two in one or three one kinds of furniture, the company is bringing in the required designs.

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Gift Voucher Codes – Get Discounts on Expensive Presents and Delight Your Loved Ones

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In our daily life, we use a plenty of methods to please our loved ones. One of the most common methods that is used to pursue this purpose is to give the present. These gifts are given to someone on any occasion of delight or just to show you affection. Needless to mention that everybody gives gift as per his or her purchasing power.

But, now the time has come when you can delight anyone by providing him or her more expensive gifts. Although, this is true that the value of a gift cannot be evaluated by its prices but by the trueness of your feelings, but it is also true that if you get expensive presents at lower prices then your choices get enhanced and you can express your feeling in a better way. There are a plenty of methods available in the market with the help of which you can get the handsome rebates on the presents.a Latest voucher Codes are one of the most popular methods these days which allow you to get your favourite attributes to give as a present at very low prices.

These voucher codes are the online versions of the discount coupons you see in your daily newspapers time to time. By providing these coupons to the sellers, you can get the products at discounted rates. These discount coupon are provided by the manufacturers or distributors of the products for the promotional purpose. Voucher codes serve the same purpose in case of online shopping. You can show your code to online retailers and can get handsome abatements of the products. These codes consist of a digit that help the retailers to verify whether the code provided by you is genuine or not.

Using these gift voucher codes is so easy that a you can understand it with ease even if you have not much knowledge about Internet. You just have to type the code in the box given on the basket page of the website. If you do that, then the amount automatically gets detected from the original amount the product.

These codes can be acquired from a number of Internet sites. Some of these sites are especially meant for providing these vouchers. On the other hand, websites of retailers and some affiliate websites are also showing activeness in this regard. You need not to worry if you are not aware about these gift voucher codes. Search engines prove to be very helpful for giving desired information. You just have to type ‘voucher codes ‘ in the search box of a search engines and you will find complete list of the websites providing codes in front of your eyes. On visiting any of these sites, you will see the categories of the products on which these vouchers are available. On visiting the gifts section you get your desired codes.

Some of the affiliate or retailer websites also help you in getting the information about the gift voucher codes. These sites not only provide complete description about the codes, but also provide the facility to the users to add their reviews or blogs. By reading the reviews or blogs of other users you can get the unbiased information about the voucher codes. Moreover, you also can add your write-ups in order to tell your experiences to other users.

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Take These 3 Steps to Properly Present Your Gift

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You have spent a great deal of time and expense and extraordinary effort in picking the right gift. You’ve done your research, you shelled out the cash and now you need to wrap the gift into a proper presentation to make the whole evening even more memorable.

Women love romance, which is not an earth shattering secret. Your idea of a romantic evening may be entirely different than hers. You should use an equal amount of care and thought into presenting the gift as you did in purchasing it.

Here are a few ideas:

1. First, invite her to your place for a special dinner you will plan and make for her. Women love to be pampered. Your evening of dinner, candles, flowers and all of the amenities will create an ambiance she will never forget. As an added touch, send a formal invitation through the mail, just make the note and penmanship top notch. If you have been married for an extended period of time, she will enjoy it even more.

2. Next, create a poem or sonnet and wrap it with your gift. You do not have to write anything cheesy, but from the heart with sincerity. If you need a jump start, take a look at some of the classics and get inspired. By the way, when you wrap the gift, do it with extreme care and attention to detail. If you absolutely cannot wrap, have it done by a professional at the mall.

3. Finally, envision and plan for the presentation of the gift itself. Try something out of the ordinary at the end of the meal. Something delivered with dessert and coffee or after you have retired to the living room in to sit in front of the fire.

However you plan the perfect presentation, take a deep breath and know that she loves you for who you are and your attempt at romance will be well received and appreciated.

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Barbie Dolls – A Real Classic Christmas Present

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When you think about it, what could be more timeless to give as a present, than a Barbie doll. She is one of the oldest toys around, and she has been manufactured by Mattel for over fifty years. So chances are your mom had a Barbie doll, you had a one, and now you want a Barbie doll for your own daughter. How many toys can boast that?

Rather than focusing on the older, collectible, Barbies, we are instead going to take a look at the new 2009 Holiday Barbie. This new Barbie is a great way to introduce a child, or indeed anyone, to the world of Barbie collectibles. Holiday Barbie will make a super gift for the little lady on your list.

So here are a few facts about Holiday Barbie 2009. She stands at 13″ high, and the beautiful pink glimmering dress flows to an impressive 11″. To go with her pink dress, she has gorgeous pink earrings, lovely makeup and a super hairstyle. The Holiday Barbie really is the belle of the ball. She comes with a stand, so that you can display her (don’t worry the stand is hidden by her dress).

Mattel have also brought out a Barbie Holiday 2009 African-American Doll for those looking for an extra doll that they can add to their collection. Both of these Holiday Barbies stick to the timelessness of Barbie, but have an updated look. Both of these dolls are presented in a pink box which is also suitable for display purposes.

Holiday Barbie is very collectible, and will keep her value as high as possible, if she is kept in her box and not opened at all. If you are buying her as a gift, and you know the child receiving it is not going to be able to resist playing with her, then why not buy two – one for play and one to keep?

Holiday Barbie makes a fantastic gift that will be treasured for years and years to come.

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Progressing Presentations From Good To Better To Best

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Your first tentative steps in to the art of public speaking are often taken from school age as a youngster. You may be required to finely hone these initial skills throughout the rest of your educational and professional life. Like with the evolution of most skills, practice makes perfect, as you go through many stages of the learning curve, from novice to expert.

Classroom presentations about books on the curriculum are very different to presentations you might be required to give when pitching yourself at a job interview to a panel of employees. Likewise, interview presentations differ substantially from public speaking as an authority on your subject matter to audiences. Yet your lifetime’s worth of presentations, as a student, an executive or an academic, is given the edge by the application of a few basic principles.

Regardless of your age, your level of public speaking experience and your audiences, these tips form bases from which you can continuously improve from good to better to best:

1) Prepare To Succeed
Knowledge always equates to power, yet words are often hollow. Audience members do not want to be bored by presenters reading out what can already be scanned on an overstuffed screen. Minimising your materials, and maximising your knowledge of the subject at hand, are imperative to the proficient preparation quality presentations, thus enabling you to deliver them with authority and aplomb.

2) Critique Practice Run Throughs
Video yourself doing dry run presentations, and critique yourself firmly but fairly. Ask a trusted confidante to sit in on your rehearsals and be prepared to take their feedback on the chin.

3) Look Them In The Eyes
Aim to gain rapport with your audience by looking directly at them – not at your laptop, your notes, or your feet. However, avoid the unintentional temptation to make a particular audience member your focal point when public speaking. It makes an innocent participant feel self conscious and uncomfortable.

4) Speak With Then, Not Just At Them
Encourage audiences to interact with you during your presentations. Allowing them to interject with doubts, questions and relevant comments is testament to the fact that they are engaged with you. Your competent feedback further enhances their confidence in you and what you have to say.

5) Clock The Atmosphere
Let your emotional intelligence guide you. At certain points during your presentations, the mood of your audiences might get confrontational and heated, or down tempo and low on energy. Drop in anecdotes or jokes at such junctures, to lighten any tension or regain waning engagement.

6) Avoid Useless Fillers
Whether you have a tendency to “um” and “ah”, or use particular turns of phrase over frequently when you speak, weaning yourself off them will improve your public speaking. They are often more irritating to audiences than you realise.

7) Answer Questions Accurately
When preparing your presentations, put yourself in your audience’s shoes and anticipate the questions they might fire at you. This is a great way of forearming and forewarning yourself. Besides taking audience questions throughout the duration of your presentations, make sure you leave plenty of time at the end for closing questions. The answers you provide should confirm and amplify the messages you deliver throughout the session.

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How Not To Do A Presentation

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Who said that the bigger a company is the more slick and polished its PR? Well it doesn’t hold true for Microsoft.

When the largest software developer in the world announced “Surface” – their new tablet — the event itself had all the polish of a high school production. I don’t know how much money it took to develop “Surface” but they should have used some of that money to train its top brass in how to introduce it to the world.

Taking a page (or a chapter) from the masterful way that Steve Jobs introduced all major Apple products, Microsoft put its people in blue jeans and Nike sneakers, rented a studio in Los Angeles and put on their show. First, the press was informed on Thursday of the Monday announcement. Not much time for people to get to L.A. Second, they started it at 3:30 pm, totally ignoring the fact that some media have deadlines.

The event started with Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO (who wasn’t in blue jeans) screaming at the crowd about how great the new product is. Someone needs to inform him of the invention of the microphone. Then, out comes Microsoft president Steven Sinofsky (yes in sweater, blue jeans and sneakers) to deliver the bulk of the presentation. He gave the casual, folksy Steve Jobs approach a shot but he is not Steve Jobs. Instead he came across stiff and nervous as he stared straight ahead and read every word from a teleprompter, exhibiting no passion for the product.

But even THAT can be forgiven. What definitely can’t be forgiven is that during Sinofsky’s talk, the “Surface” product he was holding and demonstrating, crashed. Panic was evident in the poor guy’s face. He had to rush off to a table on-stage and get another one to finish his talk. At least someone at Microsoft had the brains to have a few extras nearby in case one crashes, like it did in front of about 200 tech journalists.

Actually, the product looks interesting. But having it crash in front a roomful of journalists is nothing short of a disaster. I must say I cringed a bit for Sinofsky.

Microsoft should stick to what it knows. Slick, expensive television commercials where there is no room for error. The company has proved it can make software and hardware, but now it also has proved it can’t replicate the charm of a Steve Jobs.

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Communication and Presentation Skills – You Can’t Fake It

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To make an impact in communication you need more than the information. Any communication intended to influence, especially a presentation, is much more effective if it engages the emotions as well as the intellect. So, which emotion are you aiming at?

And how exactly do you stimulate it in your audience?

Part of the answer is to be in the right state, i.e. to be actually experiencing that emotion yourself as you speak (or write). People will know if you’re not and will think to themselves, “Why would I go there if you don’t?”

And it has to be real. It’s virtually impossible to give a convincing performance of an emotional state without actually feeling it at the time.

So what’s involved in doing this effectively?

I worked with a lady whose job was looking after animals. Not in a zoo exactly but the animals were exotic rather than domestic. And she’d collected a wonderful set of 35mm slides from her travels and was starting to get requests to give illustrated talks at meetings of various local groups.

Her problem was that she had no confidence in her ability to do this.

Now, anyone who believes that they can’t do public speaking, but still has to do it, will probably develop strategies for minimizing their discomfort. Things like:

* standing facing the screen

* reading from notes

* speaking quickly to avoid being boring

* using “correct” language so as to sound clever

* using lots of slides

* apologizing.

These are all very effective ways of avoiding any kind of emotional engagement. You have to keep the emotion you’re feeling – fear – hidden at all costs so you try to act in a matter-of-fact way that soon has everyone snoozing.

If you feel like this, you’ll probably put more effort into preparation. This usually means preparing your material: researching the content information and putting it into a PowerPoint presentation. You’ll probably end up with far too many words on your slides and little option in presentation other than to virtually read it out word for word.

What you need to do as well (or instead) is to prepare yourself:

* getting clear about the emotion you want the audience to experience

* learning to get into that state yourself, and

* practicing your delivery.

You might think that’s fine for a fund-raising meeting or a political speech, but what about an ordinary workplace meeting or something really technical? That shouldn’t be “emotional”, should it?

Well, actually it’ll be much better if it is emotional – at least in appropriate places. If you’re trying to persuade them to take a particular path, then you want to leave the audience feeling completely confident in you and enthusiastic for getting started. These are emotional states.

If all you’re doing is conveying information, I suggest you’d do it more effectively in a written report. So, getting back to my animal lady, what did we do?

The essence of it was to bring out her very strong feelings about looking after animals. These feelings were based on her belief that “animals are important”. So we developed a script for her opening. It was simply, “I want to talk to you about animals, because animals are important”.

To begin with, she was too embarrassed to perform this in front of me so we had to work up to it, using the NLP technique of anchoring a positive state. In this case, the positive state came out of the feeling of concern and enthusiasm that she experienced when talking about animals in other situations.

When she’d managed to stand up and say the words a few times we could start to crank up the passion.

The simple statement “animals are important” is pretty bland. Easy to accept and to pass by, especially right at the start when people haven’t really tuned in yet. But say it like this:

[at a slow, deliberate pace]

“I want to talk to you about animals”

[pause for a slow count of 5 whilst engaging in as much eye-contact as possible]

“Because animals are important”

[emphasizing "important" and pausing for another 5]

“So let me explain what I mean … etc. “

[this in a much lighter tone and brisker pace]

This seems really hard to do the first time you try it. Five seconds feels like an eternity and every part of you is desperate to fill the silence. Then, miraculously at about the 3 or 4 point in your count, your embarrassment evaporates and you sense the tension building in the audience. They are a little bit nervous now. “What’s happening? Has she forgotten her script? What’s going to happen next? How long is this going to last?” You’ll be able to hear a pin drop.

You are in total control!

When you release the tension after the second pause, the relief will be palpable, and probably audible as well! Now they’re listening because they’ve felt your passion. They know you mean business.

So off went my client with everything she needed to know to develop and deliver some fantastic talks. Give it a try yourself. It feels great!

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Living in the Present Whilst Planning For Your Future

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There is a song by Janet Jackson, featuring
Q-Tip and Joni Mitchell, titled “Got ’till it’s gone.” The chorus says:
“Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you got ’till it’s gone?”

It’s a song about a lady that is lamenting that she did not appreciate her man till he left. But as I listened to it I got to thinking how the message is so applicable to many of the everyday issues we encounter in life.

Life in the 21st century has taken on a hectic pace and it almost seems that things are accelerating such that the days are shorter but there is more to do. Everything seems to be on fast forward, including our lives and thinking.

There is little time for living in the moment, little time to stop and “smell the air.” There is little time to appreciate what you have and where you are in life. Until…it’s gone.

I mean, when you are young you are in a hurry to grow up and become an adult. When you are in secondary school you can’t wait to finish and get to college or university. You will be happy when you are there because you will have your freedom and do all the things you really want to do but cannot right now.

When you are at university or college you can’t wait to finish and get your first job. After all, when you have more money and a qualification you will definitely be happier and more content. You can live the life you want without worrying about money. When you finally get that first job you can’t wait to get a promotion or get a better job. Surely a little more money would be the answer to a happier and more fulfilled life?

Somewhere along the way you may get married, after all you’re so sick of being single. Then you are in a hurry to have children. When the children come you just can’t wait for them to grow up. As they grow up you can’t wait for them to be old enough to live on their own. Then you can have the whole house to yourself and hopefully more time to do the things you really want to do… and be happier.

Meanwhile your time is running out. But you keep thinking that life will get better when this or that happens. It’s like you are forever chasing the end of the rainbow and trying to find that elusive pot of gold.

Then one day, looking back, you realise something amazing, but also very saddening. You realise that your secondary school days were some of the best days you could have ever had – no responsibilities to speak of and all your needs met. All you had to do was study and do well at school. You should have enjoyed it more.

University or college was also a blast. Or at least it should have been. It was such an experience in growing up, meeting new people and trying new things. You had some real freedom back then. But you did not really enjoy it because you did not know it. You were too busy looking forward to finishing your studies and getting a job. You realise you did not utilise your opportunities very well back then. You could have enjoyed yourself more, made a few more friends and tried a few more challenging things. You should have cherished your single days more.

The kids, oh they were such a joy to have around the home. They brought such life and warmth to the place even though they could be a pain at times. Now it’s so quiet and empty. You wish they could come around more often. But they are also too busy chasing that pot of gold. They don’t realise you won’t be around forever. They will – when you are no longer there. Then they’ll think how they should have made more of the time they had with you.

“Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got ’till it’s gone?” That is how life goes for a lot of us. But that has to stop. You have to stop that clock that is spiralling out of control. Take a step back from your life and think.

Think how good it is to be alive today, here and now. Think of all the things you have in your life that you need to be grateful for and appreciate more. Yes you have challenges, but so does everyone else. Even Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, has his challenges. They are just dressed up differently. Money will not make you stress free or happier.

Stop trying to change everything. If you wait for everything to be perfect before you can be happy you are in for a lot of disappointment. Acknowledge the flaws in your job, but celebrate and enjoy the good things about it. Acknowledge the flaws in your husband or wife, but appreciate and be happy about the good things about them. They will never be perfect. If you wait for them to be perfect before you can be happy you are in for a sad life.

In Ecclesiastes, which is probably one of the most discouraging books in the bible at first glance, the opening statement in reference to life is “all is vanity.” But several times the Preacher who wrote it says “Wherefore I perceive that there is nothing better, than that a man should rejoice in his own works; for that is his portion: for who shall bring him to see what shall be after him?” That is wisdom indeed and the preacher says further that “every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labour, it is the gift of God.”

You cannot know what shall come in the future. Yes you will make your plans and be diligent, but not everything is in your control. You can only do so much. Therefore, enjoy what you have today, even as you plan for the future. The present is the only time that you have under your control. The past is gone. Cherish its memories and learn from its mistakes. The future is uncertain and you will never see it. You will only see now.

The most happiness you will ever have is yours today. You just have to decide to make it so. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson:
“…man postpones or remembers; he does not live in the present, but with reverted eye laments the past, or, heedless of the riches that surround him, stands on tiptoe to foresee the future. He cannot be happy and strong until he too lives with nature in the present, above time.”

Live in the present. Don’t wait ’til it’s gone before you appreciate what you have.

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Presentations – Stand Out Tip – Show Enthusiasm

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Most speakers and presenters are taught the value of projecting energy when they speak. It’s crucial for standing out in front of an audience. But this quality is one of those “stand out” strategies that can serve you well in all of your interpersonal communication.

I read something years ago by cultural anthropologist Dr. Angeles Arrien that really resonated with me. Her research on ancient indigenous people revealed that the “power of presence” was one of the three powers that these ancient tribes looked for in their shamans, or leaders (the other two were the power of communication and the power of their convictions). These ancients believed that you exhibit presence by “choosing to be present and visible, showing up energetically.” Note the word “energetically.” Energy, or enthusiasm, is a powerful stand out attribute. It’s been around for thousands of years!

It’s important because if you can’t get excited about your product, your service, or yourself — then I certainly can’t. We generally don’t look to shy, reserved, wallflower types for leadership and guidance. Leaders have dynamism — a dynamic presence. By conveying a conviction and passion for what they do, their presence is powerful, motivating, inspiring, and adds value.

Occasionally, I hear some pushback from clients that they’re just not naturally demonstrative people – they feel as if this enthusiasm concept is something that would be artificial for them and make them come across as fake. But I believe anyone, no matter how reserved or quiet they might be, can express enthusiasm if they just follow the clues in the last four letters of the word: “iasm.” Think like this: “I Am Sold Myself.” If you believe in something, if you are committed to the rightness or the justice of it, if you are convinced it will solve the problem or is the best answer, then you should be able to show that. Whether it’s the strength of your voice, the purposefulness of your gestures, the intensity of your eye communication, or the expression on your face, you can project a form of enthusiasm that works for your style.

The thing is that if you don’t project that, if you’re lackluster and noncommittal, shrug off responses, mumble replies, look bored — then I think it’s safe to assume that others will have a hard time believing that you believe in what you’re talking about.

You’ve probably heard the old adage that enthusiasm is contagious. I don’t think that means that if I’m all bubbly and excited about something, it’ll make you all bubbly and excited. But what I think it implies is that we do tend to respond more positively to enthusiasm. If I present an idea in a dreary, uninspiring way, you’re not nearly as likely to get excited about it as you might if I showed my conviction and passion about it. Enthusiasm sells.

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